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On the Never Ending Debate Regarding Translation Rates in Lebanon

Let me start by stating the facts: 1- Lebanon is a highly proficient trilingual country. 2- Many translators graduate each year to find themselves struggling to make a good buck […]

#TransTips: Common Office Aches and Pains and how to ease them

Yeah yeah, you probably heard or read that a zillion times by now. The life of a translator – or any other office employee for that matter – is not […]

5 Ways for Stay-at-Home Moms to Get their Workout in Every Day

I don’t work a 9 to 5 job because I run my own freelance business from the comfort of my home. Some might think this gives me all the time […]

A Few Tips to make you Better at Business as a Freelance Translator

It’s true: some translators are great with words, but not much so with business. Succeeding as a freelancer requires being good with languages, business savvy and aware of the right […]

TransTip: How to build a Healthy Business Relationship with Clients

It is normal to think that clients who pay better/have a bigger workload should be given priority over regular clients who don’t send as many projects and to whom you […]

TransTips: 5 Tips to keep a Steady Flow of Clients

Every year, the translation marketplace gets a whole lot more competitive with the graduation of thousands of new translators who will all be fishing in the same pond as their […]

TransTip: On Lying about your Language Skills to land a Job

Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you lie about your skills to land a job, a potential employer will most likely discover that, and there goes your credibility. This […]