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Pet Peeves: Social Media Edition

Welcome to Lebanon, the country notorious for celebratory gunfire, the country where everyone and their mother is a public figure or a social media influencer, and also the country where […]

Ridiculously Low Translation Rates: This needs to Stop!

I just found out about Upwork from someone I know and decided to browse through it a little bit. Upon checking the translation projects posted there, I realized that even […]

Lebanese Singer and Composer Melhem Barakat dies at the Age of 71

One of Lebanon’s iconic singers and composers, the legendary Melhem Barakat, died today at the age of 71 after battling sickness. Melhem Barakat was a music mogul, with mega hits […]

3 Things Miss Lebanon Pageant can Use as a Replacement to the Useless Question-Answer Rounds

So Lebanon has a new Beauty Queen, and like every year, social media turns into a giant troll ball and a huge bashing party because of the ridiculous answers given […]

In a Time when #Lebanese Apple Farmers are Struggling, You See this Ad

I am pretty sure Kababji had nothing but good intentions, but they should have known better. The thing that struck me the most is their Instagram caption “Enough apples!”, to […]

The Ugly Truth in Lebanon

I received this Arabic text and thought of translating it and sharing it. في لبنان: السنكري دكتور والحكيم تاجر والمستشفى دكانة والوزارة مغارة والشوفير محلل سياسي والمحلل السياسي بيقبض والموظف […]

Leading Late Lebanese Poet and Translator Ounsi el-Hajj Honored with Google Doodle

Ounsi el-Hajj (July 27, 1937 – February 18, 2014) was honored and celebrated today with an artistic doodle from Google. el-Hajj was a Lebanese poet, journalist, and translator. His father […]