11 of the Most Famous Translation Quotes Every Translator should know

Quotes are meant to be tools of inspiration and reflection. There are hundreds of thousands of quotes about any subject one can possibly imagine as they are used by people […]

MTV Lebanon: Back on the Professional Track

Update: Following my rather unpleasant experience with MTV Lebanon yesterday, and shortly after I blogged about it (very shortly, that is), I was contacted by the Lebanese TV channel. The […]

MTV Lebanon Stealing Content: Unethical, Unprofessional Move

Yes, it actually happened and no, no one told me about it; I learned that myself. As a matter of fact, it happened to me. Following the outrageous statement by […]

Banque du Liban to proceed with Plans to roll out New 50,000 LBP Banknote: Utter Disappointment

If you read my first blog post in this regard, you would know that Banque du Liban had plans to roll out the new 50,000 LBP bill (which contains a […]

Exchanging Services: Another Form of Payment?

A freelance translator’s business is pretty clear: you do the job, you issue an invoice, and then you get paid. You have rates for each specific service you offer and […]

The New 50,000 Lebanese Pounds Bill: Epic Fail from Banque du Liban

On Wednesday, Lebanese TV station LBCI showed the new 50,000 LBP bill with its all new and sophisticated design which will be rolled out on November 22 (Independence Day in […]