On the Never Ending Debate Regarding Translation Rates in Lebanon

Let me start by stating the facts: 1- Lebanon is a highly proficient trilingual country. 2- Many translators graduate each year to find themselves struggling to make a good buck […]

Basic Dough Recipe

I basically have 2 dough recipes that I use for almost all bread types that I bake: the first being the brioche bread recipe, and the second being the basic […]

What Translation is likeā€¦ in Pictures

We translators have our way with words, and we somehow all agree on a handful of common things and situations that each and every one of us encounters during their […]

Know the Difference: Translators Vs Interpreters

While many argue that interpretation is more difficult than translation, I find that the two professions shouldn’t be compared. Each has its own set of skills and requires a fair […]

Sign Language Alphabet

I am fascinated by sign language. How amazing it is to express entire ideas without uttering or writing a single word? What’s even more interesting is sign language interpretation. Whenever […]