BIAF Red Carpet: Who is the “Genius” behind Mag Lebanon’s Epic Typo?

The BIAF red carpet which has been trending for the past day (for all the wrong reasons, obviously) seems to have really broken the Guinness World Record for longest red […]

Leading Late Lebanese Poet and Translator Ounsi el-Hajj Honored with Google Doodle

Ounsi el-Hajj (July 27, 1937 – February 18, 2014) was honored and celebrated today with an artistic doodle from Google. el-Hajj was a Lebanese poet, journalist, and translator. His father […]

The Word “Beyrouthin” (French for Beiruti) Finally Added to the French Dictionary

Tamyras invested in two years of hard work and finally succeeded in getting Larousse to add the word “Beyrouthin” to the French Dictionary. Several articles were published, and many other […]

The Longest Word in English

The longest word in the English language is ‘pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis’. It has 45 letters and it is a type of lung disease caused by inhaling ash and sand dust. According to […]

How Good are you? English Pronunciation Challenge with “The Chaos”

This is one of my favorite English poems! I am an English grammar/pronunciation enthusiast (in the crazy case you didn’t know that before :P), and The Chaos by Gerard Nolst […]

#Recipe: Cranberry Yogurt Oatmeal Muffins

I love baking on Sundays. Lately I’ve been prepping ahead healthy food and snacks to keep up with my clean eating. So yesterday, I decided to bake a batch of […]

TransTip: If you want to be a Professional, don’t take it Personal

It seems that my post about free translation tests got a little someone a little (or maybe very) angry. When I write a blog post, and when I participate in […]