#Recipe: The Perfect Cupcake for Fall Season

It’s fall, which means it’s apple season, aka healthy desserts season 😀 With many of my relatives picking their own apples, I always have apples lying in my fridge or […]

Lebanese Singer and Composer Melhem Barakat dies at the Age of 71

One of Lebanon’s iconic singers and composers, the legendary Melhem Barakat, died today at the age of 71 after battling sickness. Melhem Barakat was a music mogul, with mega hits […]

A Conversation between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

I read this somewhere on LinkedIn and it cracked me up so I had to share it! 😀   Bill Gates: “So, how’s heaven, Steve?” Steve Jobs: “Great! It just […]

3 Things Miss Lebanon Pageant can Use as a Replacement to the Useless Question-Answer Rounds

So Lebanon has a new Beauty Queen, and like every year, social media turns into a giant troll ball and a huge bashing party because of the ridiculous answers given […]

In a Time when #Lebanese Apple Farmers are Struggling, You See this Ad

I am pretty sure Kababji had nothing but good intentions, but they should have known better. The thing that struck me the most is their Instagram caption “Enough apples!”, to […]

National Poetry Day in the UK and Ireland

Founded in 1994 by William Sieghart, National Poetry Day is celebrated on the first or second Thursday of October of every year in the UK and Ireland. It is a […]

Hello! 50 Ways to Greet People

Here is a list of 50 ways to say “Hello” in different languages as well as different English slang versions. I would definitely add “Marhaba” (Arabic), “Hey” (English) and “Ciao” […]