Ridiculously Low Translation Rates: This needs to Stop!

I just found out about Upwork from someone I know and decided to browse through it a little bit. Upon checking the translation projects posted there, I realized that even […]

The “Lady Photographer” Karimeh Abbud Honored with Google Doodle

Karimeh Abbud was a Palestinian professional photographer and artist who was born in 1893. She lived and worked in Lebanon and Palestine in the first half of the 20th century. […]

#Recipe: Moroccan Harira

Moroccan cuisine is by far my absolute favorite (yes, I prefer it to Lebanese – don’t go all ooh and ahh now). I was born and raised in Morocco, and […]

Gobble That Down! The International Sounds of Eating

I was only familiar with 3 of them. It’s really interesting to learn what sounds people around the world make when eating. The Arabic sound would definitely be “Aam” (عم). […]

Thought of the Day

While being bilingual opens up new horizons for the person, it doesn’t mean they have the ability to be a translator. Translation requires skills. It’s really unfair to think bilingual […]

A List of the Abbreviations/Hashtags in the Translation Business World

When I first joined Twitter, I encountered a few hashtags used by language service that I found awkward. Upon investigating them, I found them very interesting. I know a lot of […]

Machine Vs Human Translation

There is no denying the huge difference between machine and human translation. No matter how advanced machine translation gets, it will always lack the “human” touch. The latter gives the […]