What Translation is like… in Pictures

We translators have our way with words, and we somehow all agree on a handful of common things and situations that each and every one of us encounters during their career at least once or twice.

Our job is no easy one, regardless of what many, many people (Hello, clients!) think. It requires a handful of polished skills as well as thorough knowledge across several fields, cultures, etc. not to mention seamless management and flawless negotiation skills. No, I’m not talking about prices (they are nonnegotiable in most cases); I’m talking about getting some clients to pay their bill sooner, unfortunately!

However, thinking about it in a sense of humor makes our days go by a lot smoother. Therefore, this post is dedicated to all my colleagues.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below and please share them with all your fellow translators!

For translators, time IS money.
Me neither!
This couldn’t be truer.
I’m already on my second (and HUGE) cup of coffee today. Shh, tell no one!
Yup. Been there. Done that.
We have to follow the rant with a “thank you”, don’t we?
Can I get an Amen for that?
translation ethics
I do that all the time and I’m not afraid to admit it 😛
up all night
Overnight translation job? Nothing a good cup of Joe can’t handle!
We’re almost invisible 😛 and everyone keeps asking me: where have YOU been? LOL
Never let your translation “reek” of translation!
signs of a future translator - washing machine
Guilty as charged!
I love this one 🙂 so true.
where do translators come from
Are we? Maybe, but we do come in peace 😛

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    1. Sjoe,

      I’ve been doing professional translation since high school (I was 17). I later on graduated from university with a BA in Translation in 2007. I’ve never stopped working since 🙂
      Now may I ask you why you are asking me?

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