The Word “Beyrouthin” (French for Beiruti) Finally Added to the French Dictionary

Tamyras invested in two years of hard work and finally succeeded in getting Larousse to add the word “Beyrouthin” to the French Dictionary. Several articles were published, and many other letters were written to the French Academy and Larousse, with the main effort being the signing of a petition by 876 people.

The word “Beyrouthin” (French for “Beiruti” – pertaining to Beirut), which first usage dates back to 1844 according to Tania Hadjithomas Mehanna but which was never found in any French dictionary, will finally be included in the Larousse in its 2017 edition, rightfully between the two entries “Beylisme” and “Bézef”.

Tania Hadjithomas Mehanna announced the great news in a video posed on Tamyras’ Facebook Page.


Story first reported by Blog Baladi.




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