The Reasons why a Copywriter should Never take Free Tests

I’m well-known for refusing to take free tests. The last time I blogged about this subject, all hell broke loose. In our highly competitive market, I can understand why.

However, and while there could be exceptions with regards to some language services (such as translation and proofreading) – yes, I just said that – in my humble opinion, it is absolutely out of the question – for me, at least – to take free copywriting tests, and here are the reasons why:

  • The Rate (Oh yeah – I just went there!)

Copywriting rates are at least double the rates of translation (sometimes even triple or 4 times the rate of a translation)

  • Samples of your work suffice

In the case of copywriting, I firmly believe that sending a sample of your previous work does the job. The client either likes your style or not. The sample shows what you’re made of (no grammar mistakes, writing style and skills, creativity level, etc.)

Copywriting threat level. Lol!
  • It’s a Game of Adaptation

A true copywriter can adapt to their client’s needs and change their style of writing accordingly. Therefore, if the client wants the copywriter to produce a bubbly text for example, they should be able to do so effortlessly. The same applies for writing a formal text.

  • Previous Experience plays a Vital Role

When dealing with clients, a copywriter knows that they might have to keep amending their text until the client finally approves of it. Therefore, a free copywriting test proves nothing.

  • Being on a Mission Vs Having a Vision

Translators do as they’re told. They are hired to carry out a task, almost always with no questions asked.

On the other hand, copywriters are consultants in a way. You hire them to help draft your vision and bring it to life. The client deals with the copywriter as if telling them “show me what you got”. A good copywriter helps their client with ideas, and that has to come at a price.


In translation, you work with what you have.

In copywriting, you envision and you create.

The process takes time, a clear mind, and, most importantly, inspiration. This form of art needs said elements to come to life. In order for their ideas and words to flow, copywriters need motivation and inspiration. You never tell an artist to produce a free painting for you as a test. It’s kind of like the same thing with copywriting.

Trying to find inspiration
Trying to find inspiration

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