The Added Value of Professional Interpreters

the AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters, aka “Association Internationale des Interprètes de Conférence” in French) released an amazingly accurate animated video explaining the importance of hiring professional conference interpreters and the positive effect it has on corporate performance.

The AIIC uploaded the video to their YouTube channel where you can find it in different languages, including English, French and Italian. That’s a very smart move!

The overall idea of the video is to urge companies to hire professional interpreters instead of resorting to speaking global English (the global business language) when you don’t really master it and therefore cannot convey your messages accurately. Hiring a professional interpreter allows you to be you and to speak your mind freely in your own language, and let the interpreter convey your messages with accuracy and carefulness.

Enjoy the English version below!

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2 thoughts on “The Added Value of Professional Interpreters

  1. The problem with AIIC is that AIIC members in Jordan for example, would not give the chance to interpreters to become members. Thats it you can’t become member !! No matter how qualified and experienced you are.
    Maisa Liswi
    Professional translater/ conference interpreter.

    1. Hi Maisa,

      Can you please explain? How can AIIC MEMBERS* not give the chance for professional interpreters to become members? I did not get that one, because I am sure they have an approach for accepting interpreters (tests and all).
      Besides, are you talking about a personal experience?
      Oh and by the way, we say translator* 😉

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