National Poetry Day in the UK and Ireland

Founded in 1994 by William Sieghart, National Poetry Day is celebrated on the first or second Thursday of October of every year in the UK and Ireland. It is a British campaign aiming at promoting poetry and public performances of poetry. It also encourages people to read poetry, and urges poets to read their poems aloud.

In this regard, William Sieghart said: “There are millions of talented poets out there and it’s about time they got some recognition for their work. They shouldn’t be embarrassed about reading their work out aloud. I want people to read poetry on the bus on their way to work, in the street, in school and in the pub.”

William Matthew Timothy Stephen Sieghart CBE is a British entrepreneur, publisher and the founder of the Forward Prizes for Poetry. He is the current chairman of the Somerset House Trust.


I have always been a fan of poetry, and have written dozens of poems since my early teenage years. I have even kept all the poems I’ve written; maybe I will be brave enough to share them with you one day! In the meantime, you can read this ode I wrote to coffee on Coffee Day 😀

On another note, World Poetry Day is celebrated on March 21, which also happens to be famous Arab poet Nizar Qabbani’s birthday.

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