Happy #PancakeDay! Pancakes of the World

Today is Pancake Day, and you really can’t avoid it on the internet lol!

I’ve been seeing photos of drool-worthy pancakes and epic pancake flip videos all day on social media. It’s really not helping with my fasting haha!

What really caught my attention is the below photo which shows pancake recipes from around the world.

The following photo shows the names given to batter in different countries.

As for the recipe of Lebanese Atayef, we usually fill them with “ashta” قشطة (a kind of clotted cream), or a mixture of crushed walnuts, sugar and orange blossom water. These atayef are later drizzled with sugar syrup. Yum!

Also, check out the photo below which shows the “anatomy of a pancake”:

I prefer my pancakes with maple syrup and fresh fruit 🙂

Check out my recipe for the perfect crêpe here!

Happy Pancake Day!

Bonus Photo Below

>Spoiler alert: the following image is not for the faint of heart! 😛

Stack ’em up and don’t skimp on the maple syrup! #pancakeporn

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