Top 5 Things that Happen when you Learn a New Language

While there are pluses and minuses for everything in life, learning is the only thing that has no disadvantages in my opinion, especially when it is learning a new language.

Below are the top 5 things that happen when you learn a new language.

1- You become familiar with different cultures: You immediately think and act in the culture of the language you’re speaking.

2- You become more tolerant: being exposed to different languages and cultures makes the speaker more tolerant towards them and more accepting and open to diversity.

3- You become a foodie: Admit it. Food is the best thing in the world. You can’t speak a language without falling in love with the culture behind it, especially the food! Spaghetti, anyone?

4- You develop a serious case of wanderlust: When you learn a new language, you get this urge to visit new countries and interact with native speakers.

5- You become a code switcher: It’s inevitable, especially if you are Lebanese. You start using all the languages you speak in the same sentence. Good luck getting your point through without having to explain yourself a zillion times 😛


What is the new language you would like to learn?

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Things that Happen when you Learn a New Language

  1. Learning a new language is always a challenge. Being a professional translator, it is always a tough task for me to imbibe a new language in my mind every year. As discussed here, it makes a learner to explore a new culture, and makes you eager to learn new things always.

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