A Few Thoughts on Miss Lebanon 2017

It’s like social media waits for Miss Lebanon every single year to give us the best jokes of the year…

I get it: stress and stage fright are a killer for these poor young ladies, but they did practice many times for the competition, or at least that’s what you’d expect.

Come to think of it, while we always blame the contestants, I think for once the organizers are the ones to be blamed.

I won’t go into criticizing why they should be blamed. Instead, I will list a few suggestions that, in my humble opinion, will make the next – and might I add inevitable – round of Miss Lebanon a more successful one.

1- The Contestants’ Age:

How can you expect a teenager to know how to answer tough questions in front of millions of people on LIVE TELEVISION?

My suggestion is to raise the age bracket a little, and accept contestants aged between 20 and 25 years old. At least this means they would be either in their last year of university, or fresh graduates. Someone who just graduated from high school cannot possibly have what it takes and be well equipped to deal with all that comes with such a competition. Contestants need to have a slightly thicker skin, more experience, more knowledge, more education, etc.

2- The Contestants’ Background

Even if they hold a Lebanese passport, it does not entitle them to compete in the biggest beauty pageant in Lebanon. Miss Lebanon should not need to have the questions translated so she can understand them (Dima Sadek, you’re on a roll here). And for the people asking us not to demand perfect Arabic, news flash: she was speaking Lebanese, and the question was asked in Lebanese. One less contestant would have been totally Okay, no matter how beautiful she is. After all, in Dima’s own words, it does not make them not worth it, it’s just that the competition has rules. Well, include decent Arabic speaking in those rules already! #MechZyedit3adad

3- Include a Talent Show for the Contestants

Not only will it make a nice addition to the program, but it will also showcase all the beautiful and different talents these ladies have. Also, it will be a good stress reliever for them. When they are in their zone, they feel more empowered, so to have the talent show right before the questions would be a great idea for them to feel more confident.


Last but not least

Congratulations to Perla Helou on winning the Miss Lebanon 2017 title. It was a truly well deserved win, and she clearly has it all: beauty, brains, modesty and class.


**Photo Credit: PopCorn961

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