My 10 Wishes for Translators on International Translation Day

On September 30 of every year, translators around the world celebrate International Translation Day (also Saint Jerome Day).

Translators undeniably have one of the best and coolest jobs in the world. We are communication heroes and language warriors. We bridge gaps, connect cultures, and create a more tolerant world by being more tolerant ourselves thanks to our exposure to many different languages, cultures and backgrounds.

Below are my 10 wishes for all translators around the globe:

  • Better paying customers (obviously :D)
  • More jobs (show me the money!)
  • More sleep (Can I get an Amen?)
  • Less fatigue (who else has Panda eyes?)
  • More appreciation (how nice would it be?)
  • More vacations (Ah, the dream!)
  • Fewer crazy requests (like translating 50 pages overnight)
  • Fairer translation agency rates (this is a universal request)
  • More of your favorite or most enjoyable translation jobs (it feels great to get paid for doing something you love!)
  • An overall more successful career.


Happy International Translation Day!

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