Gift Ideas for a Translator

This blog post is inspired by International Translation Day which is on September 30. Funnily enough, International Coffee Day happens to be on September 29. I’m not sure whether it was a coincidence or not, given that coffee might be a translator’s best friend (after their personal laptop, that is)!

Below is a list of gift ideas that are perfect for a translator:








In my opinion, the ultimate gift is the one that makes a translator’s life easier. Gadgets are a cool gift idea because there are choices suitable for every budget: starting from a USB flash drive, to a tablet, a printer, or even a laptop. You can be a bit creative and personalize the gift by adding the translator’s name to it.

A Cool Pen


One of the coolest gifts I have received was a Swarovski pen with a built-in USB flash drive. Yes, I know; I have an awesome brother

A Coffee Mug








Need I say more? If you know a translator who has a case of the Monday blues, I’m sure they would fancy a cool coffee mug to start off their day the right way!

Snuggly Pajamas







This is a particularly funny and cute gift for freelance translators. They work from home and I’m sure they would love it!

A Dictionary







You honestly didn’t think a list of gift ideas for a translator wouldn’t have a dictionary in it, did you? A dictionary is always a good choice, especially if you know the translator needs a specific dictionary: maybe a legal, technical or medical one.

A Book

Blank white book w/path






Let’s be honest. Books are a great gift idea for almost anyone and not just translators. Make it a particularly special gift by picking a book in a language which the translator is learning or would love to be better at. That should be a challenge! Better yet, pair it with the relevant dictionary to make their life easier :D.

A Workout DVD

Insanity DVD






Translators spend their day sitting at their desk, which could be bad for their health. A workout DVD would encourage them to lead a healthier lifestyle, and be in the best shape of their life! Can you guess which workout is my all-time favorite?

A Cute Water Glass







Your daily water intake would increase significantly if you drink your H2O out of a cool glass! Pick one that is hand-painted or which you can customize and have the translator’s name painted on it for an extra special touch!


Got any other interesting gift ideas for a translator that you’d like to share? Just comment below and let us know!

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