What is on Every Translator’s Wish List

Happy International Translation Day! On this day, I would like to wish my fellow translators and interpreters:

  • Higher rates
  • Better clients
  • A more prosperous career
  • A good night’s sleep!
  • A well-deserved vacation
  • Deadlines that are easier to meet
  • Well-written source texts
  • To be paid on time
  • To be able to say “no” without ever feeling bad about it!
  • To be thanked for your hard work
  • Enough coffee for you to produce one hell of a translation!
  • A neat, clutter-free and impeccably organized desk (freelancers will relate)
  • Completely work-free holidays
  • Fairly paid last-minute jobs
  • A better memory (can I get an Amen from interpreters?)
  • Doctors’ reports that are well handwritten
  • Last but definitely not least, to learn and master as many languages as your heart pleases!


Happy Translating!

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