TransTips: 5 Tips to keep a Steady Flow of Clients

Every year, the translation marketplace gets a whole lot more competitive with the graduation of thousands of new translators who will all be fishing in the same pond as their colleagues.

Although translators with more experience and with an existing client base have the upper hand, it’s important to keep in mind that nothing lasts forever, a notion I apply to my daily life on the professional level, in terms of clientele. In other words, clients come and go, and this is normal in the freelance business.

In order to keep the clients flowing and growing, you might find it helpful to consider the following tips:

  • Make use of Social Media: It’s no doubt that social networking sites are fun (considering the huge number of cat and baby photos flooding your feed on a daily basis), but they can be put to good use if you set a well planned social media strategy. It has definitely worked for me! You can start by looking at examples (Translation Facebook pages, translator twitter users, etc.) and doing your own thing, having your own brand. It might take time to start seeing results, but you have nothing to lose; everything to win!
  • Socialize More: Go out there and make new friends every now and then. They might turn into clients! Attend business conferences and exhibitions, and while you’re at it, consider handing out your business card. This was also tested and proven successful.
  • Print business cards: In my opinion, they are crucial! They will definitely make you look more professional. Besides, it makes it a whole lot easier for potential clients to remember your name and contact info!
  • Google job opportunities: It could easily be the starting point. Look for translation jobs posted in different websites and send professional emails to the employers. It also pays off to be a member in some of those online communities to make sure you always know firsthand of any new job openings and projects.
  • Widen your scope of work: You can gain new clients if you team up with other translators who work in different language combinations than yours. Mutual benefit is guaranteed! This way, you would be offering a wider range of services, thus attracting a larger number of potential clients!
  • Invest in yourself: Why not learn a new language and offer more services to more clients? If you have the time and the money for it, it will definitely open up new professional doors for you.


If you have any other tips that help you grow your client base, please share them with us!

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