My 5 Main Thoughts on Translation

Happy International Translation Day!

On this beautiful occasion, I’d like to share with you my main thoughts regarding my perspective of Translation, which is not only what I chose as a career, but also one of my passions in life.

  • Translation is an art, just like painting. The only difference is that you interpret the idea while playing with words rather than colors.
  • It is not enough to be bilingual or trilingual to be a good translator. There are techniques you need to learn in college that help you produce professional translations.
  • The world of translation is never boring. You learn something new every day.
  • You are always challenged by the way to translate a word/expression from one culture to a completely different one.
  • You get to travel to a new country and explore new cultures every single day, while still be at your desk.




Special thanks to Ellis Wakefield and his team for the cool graphic! Check them out here.

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