She is the Lebanese Mother

She empowers, when she is the one who needs empowerment the most.

She brings generations to life, in a country where some husbands still get away with the murder of their wives, in the name of so called honor.

She teaches tolerance and love, in a country where bigotry and prejudice take the most part.

She sacrifices everything, in an environment that doesn’t believe in paying it forward.

She is a shoulder to cry on, in a country where she is almost always a victim.

She uplifts and encourages, in a country where she isn’t allowed to show her full potential, just because she was born a woman.

She is the strength behind all successes.

She is the true rock of every Lebanese household.

She is the educator, the mentor, the guardian angel, the life savior and the superwoman.

She is the assistant, the boss, the trainer, the tutor, the driver, the chef, the nurse, the cleaner, the wife, the sister, and the friend.

She is the fighter who never gives up, even when her feet are deep in quicksand.

She is constantly brought down, but always gets back up, stronger than before in the face of violence, abuse, inequality and shaming, because she believes in herself, because she simply can.

She is the Unknown Soldier, when she should be the triumphant who takes all the glory.

But because she is not in it for the glory.

She lets her actions speak for her.

She does it all unconditionally.

She is the strongest mother on the face of the Earth.

Cheers to all Lebanese mothers. May you know nothing but happiness, forever and for always.




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