#TransTips: Common Office Aches and Pains and how to ease them

Yeah yeah, you probably heard or read that a zillion times by now. The life of a translator – or any other office employee for that matter – is not an easy one (Oops, here I go again). The long hours we spend sitting at our desk are tiring and cause aching in different areas of the body.
Wrist Pain

You’re typing, you’re only moving your fingers while your entire hand is still. This puts strain on the wrist which eventually becomes difficult to move. Try moving your hands in a circular movement to keep your wrists flexible.




The number one pain that every desk employee suffers from. It’s unbearable! A few exercises every hour help ease this pain.


yoga for backache
yoga for backache

Neck Pain

Stretching your neck helps keep the strain off it. Don’t stare at the screen for too long without moving your head.

neck pain exercises



When was the last time you had your eyes checked? Your headache could actually be caused by hyperopia. That’s what my doctor told me. But don’t take my word for it, go have your eyes checked, right after you take some pain killers for that headache.


Numb legs

Get up and do a few jumping jacks. Get that blood circulating. Another piece of advice: try to lift your legs on a stool. Don’t have them downward the entire time as this causes varices.

jumping jacks


Staring at the screen for too long is what causes the eyes to burn. This increases when you’re working at night. Buy yourself an anti-reflective screen shield and anti-reflective glasses. Also, consult your doctor to get eye drops. They have helped me a lot. Another easier alternative is to wash your eyes with cold water every other hour.



Cold fingers in winter

This is one of the worst in my opinion. We can’t wear gloves, and it’s hell typing with ice cold, numb fingertips. Just warm them whenever it gets impossible to continue typing 😀

Keeping fingers warm
Keeping fingers warm


Funny Stomachache, aka Hunger

It’s not exactly pain, it’s rather rumbling, but if you don’t deal with it, it’ll start hurting (mainly headache). Am I the only one who forgets to eat when I’m so taken by my work? Nowadays, I tend to keep a bottle of water and a healthy snack next to me (An apple, a banana, a few almonds, etc.).

desktop snacks

Stretching, working out and practicing yoga really help with all of the above. Also, getting a good amount of sleep (surprisingly enough) is really crucial; but the most important piece of advice one could ever give, is to not spend so many hours sitting at the desk. Just get up and move your body every 60 to 90 minutes. Go grab a glass of water, walk around, just do something 😀

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