5 Types of Clients You Should Absolutely Keep

Being a freelancer means meeting endless types of clients on a daily basis. Some are a breath of fresh air and so amazing to work with, while others give you a hard time, and working with them is really not my idea of a healthy business relationship.

Below are the types of clients that make every freelancer say “This one is a keeper”:

1- The client that sends you thank you notes (positive energy goes a long way!)


2- The client that respects your decision not to work on weekends and kindly waits. Be careful though, you don’t want them to wait too long or too often. Be considerate and, most of all, utterly professional. A healthy business relationship is all about balance between giving and taking.


3- The client that pays on time: let’s face it, working is almost no one’s idea of fun. So it’s obvious if your favorite client is the one who pays you on the spot, upon delivery. Ain’t nothing wrong with settling the invoice as soon as it is issued!

Invoice Paid Stamp Shows Bill Payments Made

4- The client that doesn’t keep trying to make you lower your rates by saying “I know other professionals who charge lower rates”. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to do business with someone who is not 100% sure they want to work with you and you alone. When you find a loyal client who agrees on your rates knowing they will get the best quality, you make sure to keep them!


5- The client who trusts your expertise but still has ideas that enrich the overall quality of the project at hand (it is always a pleasure dealing with smart, professional clients in a high team spirit!)


Group of business people assembling jigsaw puzzle and represent team support and help concept

Do you have a different favorite type of client? I’d love to know who they are! Comment below 🙂

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