Pet Peeves: Social Media Edition

Welcome to Lebanon, the country notorious for celebratory gunfire, the country where everyone and their mother is a public figure or a social media influencer, and also the country where […]

September 24: Punctuation Day

National Punctuation Day is celebrated each year on September 24 in the United States. Founded by Jeff Rubin in 2004, National Punctuation Day aims at promoting the correct usage of punctuation, where […]

How Good are you? English Pronunciation Challenge with “The Chaos”

This is one of my favorite English poems! I am an English grammar/pronunciation enthusiast (in the crazy case you didn’t know that before :P), and The Chaos by Gerard Nolst […]

Know your English: British Vs American

Are you an American English speaker or a British English speaker? In case you had no idea, well this is a list of a few terms that differ between British […]

It’s 2016. Such Typos should No Longer be Made!

I was in the car yesterday when I spotted this huge banner for a shop selling Converse shoes (the fake ones labeled copy AAA of course). I mean, the person […]

Some of the Funniest Grammar Memes from around the Web

It’s March 4th, Grammar Day, and it’s Friday, so we all need a good laugh to shake off the stress of the week! I love memes (who doesn’t?!) and when […]

Parlez-vous Français? 5 Reasons why you should learn to speak the Language of Love

July 14 is known worldwide as Bastille Day, and celebrated by the French as “La fête nationale”. It marks France’s independence day as well as the storming of the Bastille, […]