My 10 Wishes for Translators on International Translation Day

On September 30 of every year, translators around the world celebrate International Translation Day (also Saint Jerome Day). Translators undeniably have one of the best and coolest jobs in the […]

On International Translation Day: A Glimpse of Who I Am

On September 30 of every year, the world celebrates Translation Day, which is Saint Jerome’s Day (the patron saint of translators, aka the Bible translator). This year’s Translation Day post […]

My 5 Main Thoughts on Translation

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On International Coffee Day: An Ode to the Translator’s Favorite Beverage

If you come to me with a hot cup of Joe How on Earth would my answer be no? Coffee is good any time of the day Coffee is love, […]

What is on Every Translator’s Wish List

Happy International Translation Day! On this day, I would like to wish my fellow translators and interpreters: Higher rates Better clients A more prosperous career A good night’s sleep! A […]

Gift Ideas for a Translator

This blog post is inspired by International Translation Day which is on September 30. Funnily enough, International Coffee Day happens to be on September 29. I’m not sure whether it […]

5 Things Every Translator should know about International Translation Day

Today is International Translation Day. It really makes me happy to see that translators worldwide are recognized and have an international day. After all, we do make the world a […]