There is Love, and then there is a Mother’s Love

When I was young, I used to be a trouble maker (I still am), a wild child (yep, still am), and I was quite the handful (this is pretty much […]

Nizar Qabbani and World Poetry Day

March 21 marks World Poetry Day, first declared by UNESCO in 1999. As stated on Wikipedia, it is a day to promote reading, writing, publishing and teaching poetry. throughout the […]

An Open Letter to my Children

To Moni and Andy, my heart and soul, and the reason for my existence, I am writing this today. I am 30, healthy and still have so many things I […]

Mama: A Universal Word

March 21 marks Mother’s day in some parts of the world. Lebanon happens to celebrate Mother’s day on March 21, and it’s a pretty big deal here (just like in […]