I HATE Proofreading!

It just irritates me to proofread someone else’s lousy translation. It’s one of the jobs that I always tend to reject. I am currently proofreading a translation from English into […]

5 Facts Most Clients don’t know about Proofreading

Often times, some of my clients contact me to proofread their documents. What the majority of them do is that they actually only send the target text and ask me […]

Common Awkward Scenarios between Translators and their Clients

Before I start, let me state that all of the below scenarios are real life encounters. Yes, I must admit: been there, done that. I’m sure I’m not the only […]

The New 50,000 Lebanese Pounds Bill: Epic Fail from Banque du Liban

On Wednesday, Lebanese TV station LBCI showed the new 50,000 LBP bill with its all new and sophisticated design which will be rolled out on November 22 (Independence Day in […]

The Translation Process: Beyond Language Conversion

A successful translator’s job doesn’t stop at just translating the text, but they actually need to proofread the target text not once, but twice (at least). In fact, even if […]

Clients and Translation Services: The Cheap Vs The Professional

It’s a fact that all clients try to save as much money as they can. they look for ways to make more profit, which is great. But what happens when […]