The Benefits of a Bilingual Brain

Do you speak 2 or more languages? Do you know how your brain looks like? Interestingly, the brain of bilingual and multilingual people looks different than that of monolingual people. […]

Ay! The Sounds of Pain around the World

What is the sound that you make when you’re in pain? Usually, in Lebanon, people use “Ay”. When it’s one’s soul that aches, they tend to say “Akh” آخ (which […]

There’s a Dance Song called “Translation” and I’m Confused

I came across this song called “Translation” which is obviously bilingual (English and Spanish). The lyrics are NSFW so I suggest you put your earphones on.  

A List of the Most Delicious Cuisines from around the World

If you know me well enough, you know how much I love food. I believe that if I were to choose a different career, I’d be a chef (or a […]

Parlez-vous Français? 5 Reasons why you should learn to speak the Language of Love

July 14 is known worldwide as Bastille Day, and celebrated by the French as “La fête nationale”. It marks France’s independence day as well as the storming of the Bastille, […]