I HATE Proofreading!

It just irritates me to proofread someone else’s lousy translation. It’s one of the jobs that I always tend to reject. I am currently proofreading a translation from English into […]

Ridiculously Low Translation Rates: This needs to Stop!

I just found out about Upwork from someone I know and decided to browse through it a little bit. Upon checking the translation projects posted there, I realized that even […]

Thought of the Day

While being bilingual opens up new horizons for the person, it doesn’t mean they have the ability to be a translator. Translation requires skills. It’s really unfair to think bilingual […]

TransPremium Turns 8!

Wow… to think that eight years ago, I took the bold decision to establish my own business. This decision came with its own set of ups and downs, but frankly, […]

The Ugly Truth in Lebanon

I received this Arabic text and thought of translating it and sharing it. في لبنان: السنكري دكتور والحكيم تاجر والمستشفى دكانة والوزارة مغارة والشوفير محلل سياسي والمحلل السياسي بيقبض والموظف […]

Paying Cheap is Bittersweet

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. This is so true! Never chase low prices. Go after high quality! Contact us today […]

Bless you! How to sneeze in 10 Languages

I would add “Atchoum” in French. Interestingly, the equivalent of “a sneeze” in Arabic is عطسة which reads as “At’ssa” and sounds like the act itself!     How do […]