#RaniaWrites: I Still Don’t Know

I Still Don’t Know I still don’t know Whether to live Or to die To believe Or to deny It’s hard to forgive It’s harder not to try Should I […]

Machine Vs Human Translation

There is no denying the huge difference between machine and human translation. No matter how advanced machine translation gets, it will always lack the “human” touch. The latter gives the […]

National Poetry Day in the UK and Ireland

Founded in 1994 by William Sieghart, National Poetry Day is celebrated on the first or second Thursday of October of every year in the UK and Ireland. It is a […]

How Good are you? English Pronunciation Challenge with “The Chaos”

This is one of my favorite English poems! I am an English grammar/pronunciation enthusiast (in the crazy case you didn’t know that before :P), and The Chaos by Gerard Nolst […]

Know your English: British Vs American

Are you an American English speaker or a British English speaker? In case you had no idea, well this is a list of a few terms that differ between British […]

My Top Ten Arabic Tongue Twisters

Tongue twisters are sentences that are difficult to articulate properly, especially when repeated several times in a row. Such sentences can be found in all cultures and languages. Seeing that […]

Words of the World

A while ago, I came across a series of photos that showed certain words or actions in several languages or how they are said in different parts of the world. […]