Le Français est une Langue Magnifique

The below joke made my day 😀 “Le français est une langue magnifique” J’ai passé un coup de fil à un ami, et je lui ai demandé ce qu’il faisait. […]

#RaniaWrites: I Still Don’t Know

I Still Don’t Know I still don’t know Whether to live Or to die To believe Or to deny It’s hard to forgive It’s harder not to try Should I […]

The Reasons why a Copywriter should Never take Free Tests

I’m well-known for refusing to take free tests. The last time I blogged about this subject, all hell broke loose. In our highly competitive market, I can understand why. However, […]

Remembering Maya Angelou: My Top 10 Favorite Quotes

Today is a sad day for readers and poetry lovers. Celebrated author and poet Maya Angelou died today at her home in Winston-Salem, N.C., at the age of 86, as confirms […]

MTV Lebanon: Back on the Professional Track

Update: Following my rather unpleasant experience with MTV Lebanon yesterday, and shortly after I blogged about it (very shortly, that is), I was contacted by the Lebanese TV channel. The […]