5 Tips For Improving Your Company Marketing Strategy

If you are like most business owners, marketing strategy is probably not your favourite topic. But if you want to be successful in today’s competitive market, it needs to be something you focus on. Many different aspects of a company’s marketing strategy need to be considered, but these five tips will get you started on the right track.

Know Your Target Audience

First and foremost, you need to know who your target audience is. Understanding what they are looking for will help you determine which platform(s) best reach them and how the content should be presented in a way that appeals to their needs.

For example: If your company specializes in marketing strategy consulting services, we can assume that most of your clientele would likely consist of small business owners or entrepreneurs. They probably don’t have much time on their hands as it is, so making sure that any advice offered by your team is easily digestible will be essential. A video blog post may work well here since written text and videos provide more information than an infographic design with minimal copy. It’s important not just what you say, but how you say it too. Customizing the message for your target audience will help keep their attention.

Create A Unique Voice

Having a unique voice will help you stand out amongst your competitors and be more memorable to readers. When possible, try incorporating anecdotes from personal experiences or company history that are relatable to the reader. While it’s important not to get carried away with adding too many “fancy” words in an attempt at sounding intellectual, some colourful language might do just the trick! If the subject matter of your blog post doesn’t allow for much leeway (such as safety regulations), tone down on any attempts at humour so that you can still sound professional while getting across what needs to be said.

For example, a real estate company creating breathtaking footage with their high-quality drone they found on, by offering social media users incredible drone footage, they’re automatically set apart from their competitors and increase leads. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment With New Ideas

Marketing today is constantly evolving, and it’s essential not to get too comfortable with what you’re currently doing. Instead, try implementing a new strategy for your company every once in a while, even if it seems out of left-field or doesn’t seem like the best idea initially. It might just be something that ends up working better than expected! A good marketing strategist should never shy away from taking risks as long as they have data to back any decisions made along the way.

For example: After analyzing previous social media posts, an online tech retailer realized that their Instagram following was growing at a faster rate than Facebook, so instead of continuing to post on both platforms, they decided to focus all future postings on Instagram alone, which helped them expand their reach more rapidly.

Last but certainly not least, it’s necessary to have your blog content proofread before publishing! It may be embarrassing to admit that you had the wrong word in a sentence or typo’d something on purpose because you thought it would look cool visually, and then someone else pointed out what was meant to be said. Even though it may seem like a bit of a thing, your readers can pick up on any mistakes or errors that you make, which will make them question the quality of your work.

Keep Track Of What Works And What Doesn’t Work.

Analyze the different social media posts you’ve made or other marketing strategies you’ve implemented to see which ones were popular with your audience and why. This will help give insight into what might be an effective strategy for future endeavours. For example, if certain content always gets a lot of likes, comments, shares, etc., consider making it part of your routine because people are more likely to engage in something they’re already familiar with than try out new things that are utterly foreign to them.

For example, A car manufacturer may want their blog post topics centred around safety features since this is one of the biggest concerns expressed by current drivers when buying a vehicle, so this would probably be a good topic area for annual reviews as well on top of any other blog posts about the company.

More importantly, keep detailed records of what you’re doing so that other employees or new marketers within your organization know how best to execute future blog postings as well. Having a set system in place will make it easier for others to pick up where you left off and continue going forward once you’ve moved on from working on your company blog.

Measure The Results

If you’re not sure if your blog posts are doing well, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from readers! It could also be helpful to keep track of the amount of traffic coming in from social media posts or search engine rankings to make better decisions on what types of content is most successful. You may even find out some interesting things about how people discover your business which will help shape future marketing strategies.

For example, a local restaurant owner may want their employees to write company blog posts because they have a large following on Facebook and Twitter. So they post pictures and videos about different events going on at the establishment. In this case, it would probably be best for someone within the organization who is already active with social media to write these posts because they would know what their existing audience wants and how best to convey that to them.

In conclusion, it’s beneficial to keep a journal of your company blog posts so that you can refer back to them when planning out future content. This will help immensely with continuity and consistency, which is crucial if you want regular readers or customers to become familiar with what they’ll find on the site and how best to use this information for their purposes.



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