“Beautiful” is the Greatest Thing One Can Ever Be

I recently joined a Facebook group for Middle Eastern business women, and one of the very successful ladies voiced her opinion regarding being greeted as “beautiful lady” as opposed to addressing her as smart and successful.

It immediately made me feel sad.

Someone doesn’t know us, and still calls us beautiful. And our argument is “how do they know we are actually beautiful”? This attitude towards one of the greatest words in the dictionary is why there is such low self esteem and self confidence among Arab women. And I was wondering: why is this word being thought of as a word only used for looks?

We are all beautiful on the inside regardless of the outside, and regardless of the fact that there are women who do not find themselves beautiful on the outside  There is so much self confidence generated from women lifting each other and supporting each other by using the word beautiful, which is a great, great thing to be.

Strong is beautiful. Smart is beautiful. And in my humble opinion, nothing is more superior than beauty. You see, this term in itself is being looked down upon. Beauty is, as I stated earlier, the greatest thing one can be. When we already know we are all successful and we do not need other people’s approval of that, it feels great to be called “beautiful” and to acknowledge that one has a beautiful soul, above all other achievements.

Also, when a complete stranger calls you beautiful, it means they are beautiful themselves. They are tolerant, open-minded and have a beautiful soul.

Once we overcome the mental obstacle and open up to the “beauty” of this word, the words we utter will be ever more powerful, the strength we feel and self-confidence we have will be tenfold, and level of grace and intelligence in which we approach anything in life will be limitless.


2 thoughts on ““Beautiful” is the Greatest Thing One Can Ever Be

  1. What you wrote isn’t wrong, but, between what you wrote and reality, there’s a huge hiatus. People know what they see. Show them a pretty face and they’ll be amazed. Show them an ok face, and they’ll make the effort to get to know the person behind it, being decent people that pretend to rise above mass shallowness. However, I dare anyone to show an ugly face anything more than mere sympathy or dare I say pity. People aren’t willing to look beyond appearances. It’s a fact I fought and challenged my whole life, only recently coming to accepting it as the truth that it is. Trust me, it’s not coming from a lack of character or confidence. Things are just what they are. And ugly appearances will forever hide their “beauty” where the naked eye will never cast its gaze.

    1. You have a point, but it is a personal effort honestly. I see everyone beautiful. We have to keep fighting ugliness in all its forms. We cannot settle for what things are. Plus, God created us all beautiful. Who are we to judge and say that someone is ugly? By what standards are we defining people? Also, the entire thing was meant as “beautiful souls”, the group tens of thousands of members so it doesn’t mean beautiful looks at all.
      Thank you so much for your comment 🙂

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