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Ah, how I miss my college days!

However, I don’t miss all the stress and panic attacks: every time I had an essay to write, I had to address the 5 C’s of hell: Will my essay be correct, concise, cohesive, coherent, and catchy?

Luckily, students today with no one to help out in the real world can have online professional academic help. It’s one click away, and it’s super affordable! is the answer.

I was approached by Brian who asked me to test out their essay analysis service. I thought it would be a great idea, so I went for it. I chose a previously written blog post. I wanted to check out how efficient online proofreading was.

Do you want to have your essay double checked? Here is what you should do:

1st: You create an account at It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

2nd: You add a new order by clicking on “Add Order”. You then choose the type of essay, and I love this feature as it insures you get a pretty accurate and professional analysis. I went ahead and chose “essay: any type” since my piece of writing was rather general.

3rd: You copy and paste the text. The more words your essay includes, the more you will be charged.

My text contained 550 words, and I was charged $9 for it.

4th: You choose the deadline (date and time). The minimum is 24 hours.

The shorter the deadline, the higher you will be charged.


How to know how much you will be charged for your essay analysis

I submitted the essay on a Friday and set Monday noon as a deadline. You can even extend the deadline later! You can also upload additional materials or even cancel the order.

My order details

My order details

You have a few different payment methods, including PayPal and credit card.

5th: Once your order is submitted, you receive a confirmation email with your order details (order title and ID).

While you wait for your professional analysis, you can actually browse the website to look up some free essay writing tools or check out their blog.

What’s even great about this website is that the money isn’t paid initially. You actually reserve the money and wait for an expert to be assigned to analyze your essay. You will be charged for the analysis part by part, and if for some reason, the analysis did not satisfy you, you can refuse to release the payment. The website has “the money back guarantee” policy, which means you have all to gain and nothing to lose!

6th: Once your essay has been checked and analyzed, you receive an email in this regard. If you’re happy about your analysis and proofreading, you go ahead and release the payment, and the expert marks the job as completed. Now your essay is ready to be submitted!

My essay analysis. I could even discuss it online with the assigned expert!

My essay analysis. I could even discuss it online with the assigned expert!

Moreover, I absolutely loved the fact that they have essay samples on different topics, making this website a one-stop shop for academic essay writing.

If you have different assignments, you can make use of their Assignment Planner to make your life just that much easier. No more deadline panic attacks!

Oh, and did I mention their cool Plagiarism Checker? We all know how lazy we can be sometimes, depending on Google to write essays. You can make sure you avoid pulling a Melania with this amazing tool!

On another note, the entire website is super clean and user friendly.

Next time you have a writing assignment, go ahead and register at to get professional help. Trust me, is it so worth it!


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What are you waiting for? End your summer on this cool note and get analyzing!



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