How To Exude Confidence As A New Business Owner (Even If You Don’t Actually Feel It)

Confidence can be difficult to nail down. It remains elusive for many of us, no matter how hard we chase it down. And in the professional world, you have to be confident to give a good impression. As a new business owner or entrepreneur, that is compounded. Because you have to make a good impression on everyone. 

Being able to confidently take on new challenges (and new people) is the holy grail of techniques as a newbie in business. Thankfully, there’s a trick to confidence; you don’t actually have to feel it on the inside to be able to dupe people into believing you are. And there are a few tricks that’ll help you achieve it.

First Impressions Are Everything

The way we present ourselves individually is the first thing people observe. Obviously, so you want to make sure you put your best foot forward. Do anything that makes you feel good about yourself and your appearance. For some people, that’ll mean having a full Spa treatment. For others, it might mean getting your smile looking the best it can with a visit to Scott Chandler DMD.

While many people will think that looking after your outward appearance is superficial, there’s more to it than that. When you look great on the outside, you believe it on the inside. So even if you don’t feel confident, at least you can be certain that you brush up well. 

Dress The Part

Just like taking care of your appearance, dressing well can give the impression that you exude confidence. You might be fresh to the professional world, but no one needs to know. 

Take the time to invest in some quality clothing that makes you feel like a million books. And you’ll fit right into your surroundings even if you’re being plagued by imposter syndrome. Or maybe you want to stand out rather than fit in. As long as your clothing choices scream big boss, that’s what the people around you will read. 


Before going on stage, actors will practice their lines, body language, and even improvisation so they can bounce off their fellow thespians. They do this because practice makes perfect. The world of business is no different.

It will probably feel weird to stand in front of the mirror practicing greetings and general chit-chat. But it goes a long way to raising your self-confidence. And it means that no matter the situation, you have something to say. When you don’t feel confident, having a list of go-to topics or responses takes the pressure off. And you’ll emanate confidence, even when you don’t really feel it inside. 

Harness The Power Of Body Language 

A great way to exude confidence is to fake it. And the best way to fake it is to harness the power of body language. People around us read signals that our body language gives off. So if you’re cowering in a corner, the lack of confidence you feel will be easy to read.

So stand tall. Draw your shoulders backward, and keep your back straight. Not only will it make you seem confident, it actually holds a host of physical benefits. You’ll be able to breathe better, and your overall posture will improve. You might feel a little silly doing this, especially when you don’t feel confident, but standing tall can actually make you feel more self-assured inside. 

Final Thoughts: You Can Walk The Walk, Now’s The Time To Talk The Talk

While all these tips will help you fake it when you are cringing inside, there comes the point when it’s time to improve your confidence internally. In business, feeling confident is all about knowing your stuff. So read up on current trends in your field and use your strengths to your advantage. Because you’re in this field for a reason, you’re good at it.

And you should never feel bad for not having confidence. It happens to all of us. Be true to yourself and give yourself a break. You’ll get there. 



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