Shoestring Business Ideas for 2022

If you have decided that 2022 is the year that you should finally take the plunge and start your very own business so you can control your own future, you might have a great idea up your sleeve, but equally, you might still be thinking about what form your business should take.

If the latter sounds familiar, and particularly if you are looking for a business you can start without a significant investment, right now at least, then take a look at some of our best shoestring business ideas for 2022:

A cleaning company

If you aren’t afraid of getting a little dirty, then starting a cleaning company is one of the best ideas for 2022. The coronavirus pandemic has shown us all just how important clean environments are, and obviously, it has pushed up the demand for cleaning services too. To get started, all you need is an insurance policy, some basic cleaning supplies, some form of transport, and a modest marketing budget.

Whether you start a home cleaning company, an office cleaning business, or offer restaurant hood cleaning services is up to you, but try to work out which is most likely to be lucrative for you in the area you live. You can always add extra services as your business grows and thrives.

A dropshipping store

If you are more drawn to the world of eCommerce, then perhaps you should consider setting up your own dropshipping store this year. Although you might prefer to sell your own goods from your own warehouse or lockup, that will mean you need to have a significant sum of money to invest in stock and warehousing. 

By starting out by selling products from third-party drop-shippers, you can build up a customer base and start ringing some money in until you have made enough profits to invest in your own range of t-shirts or your own tech or whatever. Of course, you might find that drop-shipping works so well for you that you don’t ever need to do that.


One of the best ways to start your own business, and make good money doing so, without having to spend very much money, is to set yourself up as a consultant. If you have in-depth knowledge of a subject, whether it be SEO, investment banking, or marketing, you can offer your services to other companies and individuals who require that knowledge and you can charge a lot of money for the privilege. To get started, all you will need is your own website and the willingness to get in touch with people, network, and market yourself as the solution they need.

Online tutoring

In the past couple of years, the benefits of teaching and learning online have been made very clear due to the ongoing pandemic situation, This year, although things are hopefully going to get back to normal, there is still going to be an increase in demand for online teachers and tutors all over the world. So, if you can offer your services and you have the right qualifications, this could be a good way to start your own business. Start by freelancing, and once you have a few clients think about hiring additional freelancers and taking on more clients. Before you know it, you will have our very own tutoring business on a shoestring.

App development

More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of having their very own app that customers can use to more conveniently engage with their services. This could present you with a very good opportunity to make money and start your own app development business. This is another case where you can start out by offering your services on a freelance basis, gradually taking on more clients, and building your team as the money starts to come in.

Don’t have the skills? You can learn everything you need to know about developing apps online via free tutorials, although there are some very reasonable paid courses out there too, so you may want to invest a little on your skills now if you want to be able to show clients something more concrete when you’re asking them to hire you.

All of these business ideas are prime for exploiting in 2022 and best of all,  they do not require a large investment upfront, of course, there are many more options out there, which is why you should take your time, explore every avenue, and think very carefully before you get started. Time to start building that business!



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