The Qualities All Children Need To Develop

Being a parent can be more than a little stressful at times. For one thing, you want to know that you are always doing right by your child, but this is not something that comes easily for most. Part of making sure that your child has a good start in life is looking at the qualities that they will generally need to develop, so this is something that you should look into in some detail if you want to be a good parent.

In this post, we are going to take a look through some of these major qualities, along with a discussion of how you might be able to develop them in your children as best as you can. Armed with this knowledge, you can help your child to get so much more out of life.


You never know what life is going to throw at you, but as long as you have resilience, you can at least know that you will survive it intact. This is arguably the most important quality a human being needs, and it is something that you can help to develop in your child pretty easily from a very young age. A major part of doing so is quite simply to talk to your child, when they are old enough, about the importance of resilience, and of getting back up again when things go south. But you can also help them to develop resilience in practical ways, and this might be worth thinking about too.

For instance, you can encourage them by not necessarily always giving them what they want. This is a good practice in many ways, and one of the most important is that it does help with this kind of resilience. It shows them that they are able to survive when things don’t go their way, and that is a valuable lesson indeed.


Despite what a lot of people seem to think, intelligence is not something you are either born with or without. In fact, intelligence can be seen more as a muscle of sorts, something that you can practice and build up as time goes on. In fact, you can do this in all stages of life, and it is never too early or late to start trying to improve your intelligence. When it comes to your children, there are a few key ways in which you can help them to develop their intelligence, and all of them are necessary for good parenting.

First of all, make sure that you are reading to them regularly. This helps with imagination and language skills, and with narrative-forming (something that we do every day to make sense of the world). You can also develop their intelligence through play: toys which encourage active engagement and careful thought are best, such as these Wise Blocks buildable toys at Finally, make sure that you allow them to ask questions, and show them what it means to ask the best questions. If you can do all that, you’ll find that their intelligence improves greatly.


This is something that we each have naturally diverging amounts of, and it is therefore important that you are allowing your child to be comfortable with who they are. In other words, they might not be the most social people in the world, and that is okay, as long as they are making the most of the friends they do have. However, helping your child to develop their social skills to their best ability is definitely something that you will want to work on, as it helps them out in later life in so many ways.

The main thing to do here is to encourage them to be social. Make sure that you set up social engagements for them that they will attend regularly. It’s amazing what something like a birthday party can do for a young child’s ability to socialise. The more you make of this, the better, but also recognise your child’s natural patterns and rhythms, and if they need time alone, then respect that too.


Being forever curious about the world is a beautiful and important ability to have. It allows a person to remain engaged in life at all times, even when things get very tough, and it means that they are more likely to enjoy their life in so many rich ways. So, you should do all you can to develop your child’s natural ability to be curious. This is arguably the most important quality of all.



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