I am Rania Merchak Andraos, Founder and Managing Director of my own business: TransPremium
I am a professional language provider anchored in Florida. I am a career mom passionate about languages and everything that contributes to the beauty of the latter, mainly cultures and food, with a strong belief in fitness and health, and a love of adrenaline, coffee and traveling on the side!
TransPremium is a network of professional language service providers aiming at offering premium linguistic services and delivering nothing but top quality translations  from and into Arabic, English and French.
Founded in 2008, TransPremium was able to grow stronger and more reliable thanks to its team of dedicated and professional linguists.
At TransPremium, our main goal is to provide an unparalleled service, all while respecting deadlines to meet (and exceed!) our clients’ expectations.
We have had the privilege of working with many reputable companies and individuals, providing them with different linguistic services: from translation, interpretation and transcription to editing, proofreading and copywriting.

Some  of our clients:

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“Working with Rania has always been rewarding. She’s a professional, efficient and does her job perfectly well. I highly recommend TransPremium!”

– Labib El Choufani, Social Media Specialist and Creative Director, BoboLink.

TransPremium into the Blogosphere

Established in 2013, was a way for me to express myself and share what I’m passionate about with the world. I am a spontaneous writer, discussing several topics that interest me, mainly languages, business and lifestyle (which includes food, fitness and traveling, with a pinch of other related topics).

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