5 Useful Ways Managers Can Support Employee Health

There are plenty of reasons why employee health is so important, and this is something that has been the case since the first employee signed their first contract way back when. As the work has evolved, employees have demanded different needs, and these needs have been no more evident than the past two years. 

The shift in working culture all over the world forced managers to reconsider how they treat employees and how they can create the most productive workplace that balanced employee health and company success. If you want to be better as a manager or business owner, consider these five useful ways you can support employee health. 

Offer Health Benefits and Coverage 

The simplest way for a manager to support employee health is to offer health benefits and coverage for a wide range of potential health issues. Of course, all employees are different and they all have different needs, which is why choosing a healthcare provider can be tricky. 

But, as long as you understand your employees’ needs and even consult them when deciding on the perfect provider, you will find it easier to manage their health requirements. Excellent coverage will also allow you to attract the best and most promising talent in your industry, giving you further incentive to look for benefits that meet the expectations of the next generation of professionals. 

Understand Their Personal Needs 

The working world is constantly changing, and employers must know how to adapt and adjust to these changes to ensure their business survives and supports employee health. The best place to start with this is to understand their personal needs. 

These needs range from childcare commitments to bank or doctor’s appointments, among a range of other possibilities. If you understand that flexibility is one of the most important elements, you will have no trouble providing the support that is crucial for a successful workplace, so cast off any outdated opinions you have about office work, and embrace the power of technology and other factors that can help employees live their lives and work to their best ability. 

Encourage A Healthy Workplace 

It can be tricky to live a healthy lifestyle by yourself. Often, it’s far too tempting to fall back into bad habits. Support is always important, whether you’re trying to cut down on drinking with a partner or want to shed weight with a friend, and you can bring this attitude into the workplace. 

You don’t need to force your employees to run laps around the building – that would be absurd – but you can create a healthy culture. This applies to mental and physical well-being. Weekly workplace activities can be more fun than they sound on the surface, or even a monthly hike or walk might appeal to some. This will have a direct impact on their mental wellbeing, which gives you the positive environment you need. 

Show Your Appreciation 

It’s not just about physical fitness. Some employees require mental fitness to continue to excel. However, they cannot do this if they do not feel their efforts are appreciated or recognized, especially when they put a lot into their projects. 

Sometimes, a congratulatory email or recognition in a meeting is enough, but if you want to take it a step further, there are plenty of creative ideas that will make employees feel like they matter. Not only will this provide validation, but it will also encourage other employees to push themselves. In doing so, they create friendly competition that tests every one to be their best and encourages a workplace where everyone wants to be their best without feeling stressed or overwhelmed.   

Keep a Lookout 

As a manager, you are responsible for looking after your employees when they are at the office or – if they work from home – during working hours. You can take this time to look out for possible health issues that they might not have noticed themselves. 

Common workplace issues include anxiety and burnout, so learn how to recognize these signs. Physical issues could also arise depending on the environment. If you work on a construction site, it would be useful to learn more about the benefits of early hearing tests even if your employees are young and healthy. Besides this, encouraging regular checkups will minimize other health problems, keeping everyone in excellent condition and allowing them to live their lives to the fullest. 

Healthy and Happy 

The healthier your employees are, the happier they will be. The more they feel appreciated, the harder they will work. This can dramatically increase your company’s fortunes and help with professional development, allowing your employees to realize their potential and excel in their careers while still managing their personal lives. 



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