9 Ways to Get Into The Entertainment Business (Without Being a Celebrity)

There is no denying that the entertainment industry is one of the most vibrant, fun and lucrative industries there is, so it is not surprising that many of us would love to get into that world and start building a successful career but let’s be honest, not all of us are cut out to be actors or singers. That’s fine because there are lots of behind-the-scenes and corporate jobs, which are just as much fun, just as fulfilling, and just as likely to get you an invite to the Oscars one day. So, let’s take a look at some of the best options shall we?

1. Be a Behind-the-Scenes Boss

If the idea of handling a camera is more thrilling than facing one, the production side of the business could be a much better career path for you than a career in front of once, 

Directors, producers, and even script supervisors are the people who, without them, those movies and TV shows we all love so much just would not be possible. Start small with local productions or indie films to get your feet wet. It’s like being the puppet master of the show, but instead of pulling strings, you’re calling shots and (occasionally) fetching coffee.

2. The Pen is Mightier: Scriptwriting and Storyboarding

Got a knack for storytelling? Scriptwriting could be your golden ticket to the world of entertainment. Every film, TV show, and YouTube ad that you watch starts with a script. So, it is fair to say, if you get good at it there will always be work for you Start small with your own stories scripts and comics and pitch them to whoever you can to try and find that first big break.

3. Media Marketing

Media marketing is huge in entertainment, as people like Michael Kassan who have built successful careers on its back, can attest. It’s all about creating buzz, engaging audiences, and making sure people actually show up for the premiere, so it’s pretty important Start by managing social media for small projects or local artists and show them how you can turn clicks into crowds.

4. Set the Scene: Production Design

If you have an eye for design and a love for detailed work, production design might be your calling. This job involves creating the visual world of a film or a play, from the dusty shelves of a wizard’s library to the sleek surfaces of a spaceship. It’s part set decorator, part artist, and all magic. Get started by working on student films or local theater to build a killer portfolio.

5. Make the Cut with  Video Editing

In an era where content is king, video editors are the knights of the realm. It’s about more than just cutting footage; it’s about pacing, storytelling, and sometimes saving a director from their own excesses. You can start by editing wedding videos, YouTube content, or local commercials. It’s like being a tailor but for digital footage—trim a little here, adjust there, and suddenly you have a masterpiece.

6. Mix It Up with  Sound Engineering

If you’ve ever been moved by the score of a film or the sound effects in a video game, you’ve felt the power of sound engineering. This field requires a keen ear and some technical know-how, but it’s crucial for setting the emotional tone of any production. Try volunteering at local radio stations or offering to mix sound for small community events to get the hang of it.

7. Talent Scouting: Become an Agent or Manager

Do you have an eye for talent and a gift for gab? Consider the world of artist management and representation. Helping actors, musicians, and other artists find work and negotiate contracts can be as rewarding as being in the spotlight. Start by interning at talent agencies or managing small local bands or theatre actors.

8. Get into  Entertainment Law

For those who love a good contract as much as a good film, entertainment law is a pathway worth considering. It might require a bit more schooling, but being the legal glue that holds productions together is both challenging and vital. Start with classes in media law or volunteer to help with legal details at a local arts organization.

9. Be the Glue: Event Planning

From film premieres to music festivals, every great entertainment event needs a planner. If you can handle stress like a Zen master and have organizational skills to rival a library’s catalog system, this could be your niche. Start small with local events and work your way up to bigger gigs.

Breaking into the entertainment industry doesn’t require you to be the next big star, just a lot of passion, a bit of creativity, and maybe a willingness to fetch a coffee or two along the way. So, what’s stopping you?



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