Ew! Farts in Other Languages

It’s Friday, don’t judge me. I’ve had a rough week. Actually, this entire month has been one from hell. All is Okay now, so let’s keep things positive, shall we?

If you’ve had a rough week, too, you deserve a little giggle. Just check out what the word “fart” is in other languages.

What really caught my attention is the Hebrew equivalent of “Fart”, which is “Flotz”. It’s actually a cross between the 2 Arabic equivalents of the word “Fart” which are فصّ (pronounced “Foss”) and طزّ (pronounced “Tozz”).

It really cracked me up 😀


3 thoughts on “Ew! Farts in Other Languages

  1. I’ve never thought about this really, like I have with sneezes and aching shouts. I’d say in Spanish would be rec, just as the key we have on recorders.

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