Pet Peeves: Social Media Edition

Welcome to Lebanon, the country notorious for celebratory gunfire, the country where everyone and their mother is a public figure or a social media influencer, and also the country where almost everyone is proudly a trilingual.

I’ve been updating my Instagram consistently but making it a point to ignore browsing through it, because every time I read captions, I cringe.

I get it, not everyone is fluent in English, and not everyone is a grammar enthusiast, so I think the problem lies in me? I don’t know.

Anyway, below are a few atrocities I lately came across.


We say “Congratulations”, even if you are congratulating one person. You’re welcome.

Typos in Hashtags

What’s the point of a Hashtag if you’re going to get it wrong? It’s even worse when it’s an ad or a sponsored post where the so called influencer (you can’t see me, but I’m having a serious eye rolling moment right now) had one job!

Wrong Hashtags

No, You can’t use #TBT for Mondays or #FBF for Wednesdays.

Getting Brand Names Wrong

No, I am not interested in wearing a Givanchy dress (face palm), a pair of Converce sneakers (Oh dear Lord), or a Ralf Lauren Tshirt (Please make it stop!). And no, just because it tells the time,  it’s not called TAGHeure, so please do your homework!


What is it about Social Media that irritates you?


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