5 Things Every Translator should know about International Translation Day

Today is International Translation Day. It really makes me happy to see that translators worldwide are recognized and have an international day. After all, we do make the world a more connected one through our translations, don’t we? I love that feeling of accomplishment I get each time I finish a translation task, especially one that’s supposed to be used abroad or one that’s for a foreign client.

Ok, I was beginning to stray from the main subject of this blog post, so I should get back on track and share with you 5 facts that I believe every translator should be aware of. I mean, you can’t celebrate International Translation Day without some knowledge about it, can you? So there it goes:

1-     International Translation Day is celebrated every year on September 30 on the feast of St. Jerome.

2-     Saint Jerome is the Bible translator who is considered the patron saint of translators. He translated the Bible into Latin.

3-       The celebrations of International Translation Day have been promoted by FIT (the International Federation of Translators or Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs in French).

4-     International Translation Day was first celebrated in the year 1953, so today marks its 60th anniversary.

5-     As of November 2012, the full Bible has been translated into 518 languages, and 2798 languages have at least some portion of the Bible.

On a final note, it is really important to stress the increasing importance of translation in these modern times. This amazing profession is becoming more and more essential in a world where globalization is moving at a very swift pace.

TransPremium wishes all translators a Happy International Translation Day!

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