Move Over, 2013!

NYE 2013So, today is the last day of 2013. We all know what that means: New Year’s resolutions (probably hitting the gym more often, having healthier food choices and trying new things in life)!

Going through 2013 was like a roller coaster ride for me. It had its ups and downs, but I’ve made it through, so I’m just thankful for all the good things that happened.

Below are the top 13 events (in random order) that made my 2013:

1-    Tried horseback riding for the first time.

2-    Went ice skating for the first time.

3-    Went on an amazing ATV ride through the mountains for the first time.

4-    Went down the highest water slide in Lebanon back in summer.

5-    Went kart racing for the first time.

6-    Went bowling for the first time.

7-    Was able to get through the toughest workout I have ever tried: Insanity the Asylum Volume I: it’s Shaun T’s workout from hell!

8-    My almost 4 year old is now a school boy! They grow up so fast…

9-    Expecting another baby boy. I’m due in May 2014 🙂

10-                       Was able to nail 4 huge business deals, the most recent of which being around Christmas!

11-                       Tried new foods and dishes from around the world.

12-                       Started blogging. This post is Nr 44 and it will be the last for 2013!

13-                       Met new people, made new clients and had the chance to work with distinguished figures and top-notch companies.


As for my goals for 2014, I’m sure they will increase along the way as I am an ambitious person; but to start with, my current goals are as follows:

1-    Grow my business stronger.

2-    Try pregnancy yoga and keep up with it.

3-    Get back to hardcore training after I deliver my baby.

4-    Visit a new country and new places.

5-    Try new foods and dishes.

6-    Try new activities.

7-    Learn to cook new dishes.

8-    Be a better person.

I only shared my new year’s resolutions because that keeps me accountable!

In the end, I’d love to wish everyone an astonishing 2014. May you leave behind all your sorrows and embrace the New Year with a positive attitude.

Cheers! Don’t forget to stay safe tonight 🙂



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