6 Signs you are a Highly Organized Person

Being a freelancer does not necessarily mean you lead a chaotic life. I believe it actually requires having super organizational powers to keep everything on track and get everything done on time. Things can sometimes get so crazy and hectic that you find yourself overwhelmed, but if you have the below habits (like I do!), then I’m sure you’re doing just fine.


You’re a To-Do List Fanatic

Can’t do anything without writing it down first and checking it off later? That’s one of the greatest signs you are extremely organized. As far as I’m concerned, I make a daily to-do list. Sometimes I make two lists a day, and sometimes I even write down the exact amount of time each task requires, even if it was as silly as taking a shower or styling my outfits for the weekend.

You always set an Alarm to wake up

Every single day, even if it’s a holiday or a weekend. It’s like you feel that by sleeping, you’ll be missing out on a lot and you’d rather be up and doing something useful.

You are Very Punctual

You take your appointments and meetings very, very seriously, and you really care about what people think of you and your level of professionalism.

You are a Control Freak

When you’re out of your comfort zone, you start messing things up. You love to be in control of everything. You want everything done your way and when this is not the case, you completely lose it.

You always have a Backup Plan

Being a control freak, you know that things could sometimes go wrong or simply not go as you’d want them or expect them to. For this reason, you always have a backup plan to put things back in order.

You like all Things Pretty Tidy and Clean

Think clear flat surfaces, color coordinated wardrobes, labeled storage bags and boxes. You have a place for everything, and purging and removing clutter are an almost daily ritual to you.


If you consider yourself a very organized person and can think of other habits you have, please share them with us!

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