September 5: Working Mothers’ Day

Back in 1982, President Ronald Reagan designated September 5 as Working Mothers’ Day, calling upon “families, individual citizens, labor and civic organizations, the media, and the business community to acknowledge […]

Photo of the Day

That moment when your love for correct grammar, blogging and proper CV drafting are all combined in one photo LOL!

The Reasons why a Copywriter should Never take Free Tests

I’m well-known for refusing to take free tests. The last time I blogged about this subject, all hell broke loose. In our highly competitive market, I can understand why. However, […]

Creative Writing Gone Wrong: Poppins’ New Fruity Bites “Bite Me” Ad Campaign Slogan

It’s been a few weeks since Poppins, the local breakfast cereal company, launched its new range of cereal bars with fruit pieces, adequately called “Fruity Bites”, accompanied by a huge […]

MTV Lebanon Stealing Content: Unethical, Unprofessional Move

Yes, it actually happened and no, no one told me about it; I learned that myself. As a matter of fact, it happened to me. Following the outrageous statement by […]