Top 5 Things that Happen when you Learn a New Language

While there are pluses and minuses for everything in life, learning is the only thing that has no disadvantages in my opinion, especially when it is learning a new language. […]

Gobble That Down! The International Sounds of Eating

I was only familiar with 3 of them. It’s really interesting to learn what sounds people around the world make when eating. The Arabic sound would definitely be “Aam” (عم). […]

Know the Difference: Translators Vs Interpreters

While many argue that interpretation is more difficult than translation, I find that the two professions shouldn’t be compared. Each has its own set of skills and requires a fair […]

Abou Jamil: The Arab Culture Loving Arab

I accidentally stumbled upon a really interesting Instagram account featuring an animated Arab character named Abou Jamil. Abou Jamil is an Arab character who spreads Arab quotes and sayings through […]

A Few Facts about April Fool’s Day

As everyone around the world knows, April Fools’ Day is celebrated on April 1st of every year. It is also called All Fools’ Day sometimes, and the way to celebrate […]

5 Reasons why it pays off to learn a New Language

I am a big believer in learning as many languages as one possibly can, no matter the age. There are so many reasons why learning a new language is always […]

Faith and Values through Folklore

Under the high patronage and presence of his beatitude Patriarch Gregorios III Laham and the Sultan Qaboos Higher Center for Culture and Science, the International Center for Dialogue of Civilizations […]