Pet Peeves: Social Media Edition

Welcome to Lebanon, the country notorious for celebratory gunfire, the country where everyone and their mother is a public figure or a social media influencer, and also the country where […]

Social Media Shenanigans

We live in a crazy world where the following happens: If you crack a joke, at least one person will be offended. If you give your opinion, at least one […]

BIAF Red Carpet: Who is the “Genius” behind Mag Lebanon’s Epic Typo?

The BIAF red carpet which has been trending for the past day (for all the wrong reasons, obviously) seems to have really broken the Guinness World Record for longest red […]

L’Oréal Professionnel: I Suggest you Hire a “Professionnel”

My biggest pet peeve strikes again: another ad campaign featuring unforgivable grammar mistakes. L’Oréal Professionnel has a sponsored post on IG (Instagram Ad): a teasing video, probably about a new […]

Abou Jamil: The Arab Culture Loving Arab

I accidentally stumbled upon a really interesting Instagram account featuring an animated Arab character named Abou Jamil. Abou Jamil is an Arab character who spreads Arab quotes and sayings through […]