How To Save Your Customers Money

Helping your customers save money will not only satisfy them but likely encourage them to keep coming back to shop with you. It will improve your business as you will have happier customers and likely attain more sales from them. If you and wondering how it is even possible to save your customers money while trying to attain the most profit yourself, here are some tips.

Help them avoid high custom fees

Customs fees can smack customers in the face and frustrate them. If they have already paid for the product and its shipping, then the last thing that they will want to do is pay for customs and import charges. 

Getting your customer’s customs brokerage help will help them save money and get their goods faster. You can guide them in the right direction or work directly with a broker to help your business get customs low for your customers. They will create a deal with the government, who are the ones who handle the customs fees and attain a better deal.

Offer package discounts

A great way to allow your customers to save money when shopping with your business is through package discounts. For instance, if they purchase more than two products, you could offer them the third for free or at a discounted price. 

Package discounts will not only encourage customers to buy more products when they shop with you but feel that they are satisfying their needs by making a saving. 

Let them know about sales

Letting your customers know about upcoming sales will ensure that they shop with you when the sale hits. They can prepare for it, be on the site at the right time, and not miss out on your great deals. 

Even if a customer doesn’t need a product, they likely assume that they are getting a great deal by purchasing something at a discounted price. Thus, a sale will help them save money (in a sense) and help you attain more sales.

You could let your customers know about sales in emails, on social media pages, or by word of mouth. Whatever way you can share the upcoming sale, do so. You will attain more customers and help them save money

Offer less expensive shipping options

Shipping can be expensive and sometimes put a customer off of shipping. If you can offer cheaper shipping methods, then it will help your customers save money and likely encourage them to complete the purchase. 

You could work out how to ship products for less by asking the local shipping service or signing up for a dropshipping service that can deliver products for you at a monthly cost. 

Give loyal customers good deals

You will want to give your loyal customers the best deals to show them your appreciation and keep them satisfied. 

If you notice that customers have been shopping with you all year, then send them a great discount. You could offer 20 or 50 per cent off of their next shop. They will notice your appreciation through the offer and encourage them to keep shopping with you next year. 

Sometimes offer free shipping

Free shipping can make a customer feel that they are saving a lot of money. Even if the shipping costs a few pounds, it can make all the difference with how willing a customer is to spend their money. 

Let’s say you offer a month of free shipping, your company will likely see a huge increase in orders. Not only will you make more profit, but you will satisfy your customers by helping them save some money. 

Give your customer more than they ordered

Although this tip isn’t necessarily saving them money that they spend, giving your customer more than they ordered will mean that they end up with a better deal. Giving them more means that they could get twice the amount of goods that they paid for. 

For instance, if you are a food store that sells items per kg (such as healthy snacks, nuts, powders, etc.) then you could add in an extra treat with their order. You could add some healthy snacks as a treat. This means that they get to try something new, get more for their money, and may encourage them to purchase them in the future. This could help you make more sales and also help them get a good deal for their money. A simple reward and freebie will likely make your customer feel appreciated. 



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