Making A Good Impression On Customers: Keeping Your Physical Store Clean

If you’re lucky enough to have a bricks and mortar business in 2023, keeping it clean is probably quite tricky. Customers walk in and out all day long, dropping their garbage on the floor and moving products around – it’s hard to keep up during a shift! 

But the better organized your store is, the easier it’s going to be to impress a customer. First looks matter in the shopping world, and that’s something you’ll want to capitalize on as a small business. It’s an easy edge to have over your competitors! 

And we’re here to help. Check out our tips for keeping your store clean and tidy and making a good first impression in the list below.

Keep Boxes Off the Floor

It’s the most common thing you’ll find in a store. The moment you walk in there’s boxes all over the floor, some still packaged, some half unpacked, and some empty and just left without being broken down. It’s good that you’ve got a lot of product ready to go, but the remains of it shouldn’t be thrown in a customer’s face. 

That just isn’t a good first impression! It can leave a customer thinking you don’t really care, or you’re not willing to put in the most basic of effort. On the other side, that’s not someone you want to shop with! If there’s a floor as dirty as this, you’re likely to walk in and leave immediately without browsing. 

Dust on Top of Displays

Don’t just dust the shelves you can see! You need to get a stool or a step ladder out and make sure you reach the top of your displays, as well as any decorations that are attached to the ceiling. 

The more you dust these areas, the less dust is going to fall to the ground level. This makes the whole store cleaner overall, and also ensures an eagle eyed customer has nothing to spot hanging off the lamp shades! Even just a little bit of dust can make the whole place look unkempt and uncared for. 

Flush the Plumbing

Most modern stores, no matter what they sell, have a publicly accessible bathroom. As such, you’re going to need a bathroom cleaning routine on top of everything else. Whether your toilet is for customers only or someone is allowed to pop in just to use it, keeping it clean at all times is the standard for commercial bathrooms. 

That means flushing the plumbing from time to time as well. You want the underground sewer pipes and waste tanks to be clean too, so be sure to call in a wastewater treatment company at least once a year. You won’t want to make an employee go down there to wipe things out! 

Use Antibacterial Products

Thanks to the recent global pandemic, using antibacterial products is more necessary than ever. You’re going to need to give your store a good scrub down with the stuff at least once a day – this will keep germs to a minimum and keep your workplace a healthy space to be. 

Plus, the more you disinfect the general area, the less mess is going to collect in the long term. A disinfected surface is uber clean and is more likely to stay that way. But just to be sure, incorporate these products into your general cleaning rota and use them as much as possible. 

Get Rid of Curbside Waste

Curbside waste can build up if you’re not careful. The more you need to throw things out, the higher your chance of leaving a big waste pile just outside your front door. But when you think about it, your curbside appearance is the first impression before the first impression – you certainly don’t want to mess up here. 

If it’s messy out there, call someone to take the garbage away and make sure customers have easy access in and out. You’ll also want to keep an eye on the way the exterior is decorated. If it’s getting rusty and rotten, or the paint is peeling off, or the neon sign you’ve got up has a few lights out, it’s time to renovate and replace. 

If you’ve got a physical store, you’ll need to come up with a proper cleaning Rota to keep it looking professional. Use the tips above to shape it for your needs. Taking a proactive approach to the look of your store can do wonders for a customer’s impression, so try not to underestimate it! 



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